Year End Review 2011.

Well, there you have it, the end of another year of ICECUBES the comic strip!
2011 was a banner year for ICECUBES with the most online visits ever. The strip has more readers, more subscribers, more Facebook fans and more Twitter friends than ever. Here are the year end numbers:

  • 145,000 total lifetime visits with over 10,000 return visits this year alone
  • over 120 Kindle ebooks sold (click here to get your copy)
  • 1055 Facebook friends (click here to become friends)
  • 205 Facebook fans of ICECUBES the comic strip. (click here to like the fan page)
  • 555 Twitter followers (click here to follow)
  • 70 feed subscribers on average (click here to subscribe)
  • 4 podcasts (click here to watch them)
  • 3 conventions
  • 1 printed book coming soon!
  • 2012 will be a make it or break it year for ICECUBES. The biggest milestone will be getting the first book printed. I have been carefully researching printers to get the best quality for the most reasonable price. I want this book to be a collector’s item that you will want to own and hang on to. I also want it to be affordable!

    Your comments fuel my motivation to make the strip and I want to encourage you to please take this opportunity to tell me what you think of ICECUBES. Positive comments are most welcome of course but if you see something you think could be better by all means let me know. Your feedback is essential in helping make ICECUBES even better.

    Thank you so much for reading ICECUBES and have a Happy New Year! 🙂

    Leroy Brown

    Working on the Book!



    So after dreaming for years about making a real ink and paper book of ICECUBES the comic strip and finally being just about ready to pull the trigger, guess what happens? Border’s goes bust and closes all its stores, the book business crashes, printers stop printing books, paper mills close and stop making paper and generally speaking people stop reading books! What a time to put out a book. 🙁

    But I remain optimistic that there is an audience out there that would like to hold the real thing in their hands, share it with their friends and enjoy having it on their bookshelves as a nice well crafted collectors item.

    That’s why even though printing a book has become ever harder and expensive, in complete contradiction to the laws of supply and demand by the way, I’m still hard at work on the first ICECUBES book. Of course those of you who follow ICECUBES know that Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 are available exclusively on the Kindle.

    So stay tuned and get ready to pre-order your limited edition, real ink and paper, signed and numbered collector’s edition of ICECUBES the Book!

    Leroy Brown

    Cool Stats.

    Check out these cool stats for ICECUBES the comic strip.

  • 103,000 + all time web hits!
  • 100 + Kindle books sold!
  • 168 original comic strips!
  • 90 black & white strips!
  • 78 color strips!
  • 140 non-comic strip blog posts!
  • 4 Sunday double strips!
  • 2 podacsts!
  • 1 live TV appearance!

  • … and ICECUBES just keeps growing and growing. Keep an eye out for the new upcoming book!

    In the meantime please enjoy these pictures of a VW funny car covered with comic strips! Sent from a very special reader in Italy! 🙂

    22 05 2011 tumbarelli 017

    22 05 2011 tumbarelli 018

    Working on it!

    I really do have to apologize for not posting new comic strips more regularly. 🙁
    I could list a ton of reasons why it’s just not possible yet, but as a reader you-just-want-more-comics; and rightfully so!

    Even though it may seem like things are slowing down, in fact we are just getting started! ICECUBES is going to be in a real book! And you are going to be a big part of it. I am going to launch a Kickstarter project to get the first ICECUBES book printed and published and I’ll need your help. By participating and pledging you can make the book come to life! So keep an eye out for ICECUBES The Book on Kickstarter!

    In other awesomely great news, ICECUBES has sold over 65 copies of Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 on the Kindle! That’s amazing!! I am so grateful to all my readers and especially to all those who get the Kindle books. Watch for Vol. 3 coming out soon too! I’m also working on getting the books formatted for every other e-book reader like Kobo et al… So stay tuned, there is a lot more coming up. Your patience shall be rewarded! 🙂

    Leroy Brown