2 thoughts on “ICECUBES TV

  1. These videos were nothing short of awesome!!!!!!!!!!

    Leroy,….you are a bad mamma jamma! (That’s good speak,..I hope)
    I have been watching Ice Cubes mature into a really fine strip and would love to see it in true comic book form (yes,…remember those?) as I would buy them all.

    I’m fully aware that e-books and all electronic distribution is where it’s at,…(my 11 year old reminds me everyday) but you still can’t beat the smell of a printed comic book fresh from the rack at your local drug store!

    Perhaps those days are long gone,…but then again,…perhaps they’ll come back again when people rediscover the excitement that goes with that experience.

    OK,…so I’m Renaissance man!

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more about the comic books. I’m actually working on the very first book right now! I should be announcing it real soon on KickStarter, so stay tuned! As for the video it’s part of a longer video that will help promote the book, so that’s coming out real soon too. It’ll feature the whole process of drawing a strip from A to Z, hopefully it will be interesting and enjoyable. Again, thanks so much for your great support, its very encouraging and makes me want to work even harder to make the best strip I can. Thanks Togo!

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