Another Original Strip on Ebay!


Here’s another chance to own original ICECUBES the comic strip art!
This is ICECUBES the comic strip #169. This strip appears in the new ICECUBES book “Noise Is News” on page 79.

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All of my comic strip art is done entirely by hand using pen, brush and India ink. I even do the lettering on the page. When buying original strip art remember that it oftens looks a little different from the published strip. There may be traces of blue line pencil, titanium white acrylic paint, gray pencil, glued paper and tape.

This comic strip features Peckinpaw the Polar Bear, Eggman the Walrus and Nooky the Eskimo. Peckinpaw is complaining about smart phones while Nooky is ice fishing. When he hears the word ‘cheesy’ mentioned, Eggman gets a craving for pizza, which Nooky obliges by ordering on his phone.

Dimensions: 5″ x 15″. Strathmore 400 2 ply vellum bristol. Acid free. Signed.