Daredevil Dan Comic Book Ad

Daredevil Dan Comic Book Ad from the 1970s
Daredevil Dan Comic Book Ad from the 1970s

I found this cool retro toy ad on the back cover of a Harvey Comics comic book from the ’70s. “Tournament of Thrills” and “Wild Power Spin-Outs”. Came with a “Mustang II”, Daredevil Dan, hook, thrill-bar, jump-ramp, barrels and a T-stick to rev up the car. 😀 I bet it was a bunch of fun too! Kenner always had the best cheap plastic toys and the best ads for them. Still amazes me to think that Kenner belonged to the General Mills cereal company. I always wondered who they would get to illustrate those ads. Whoever did it had to ink all the lettering and cram all that information into that drawing, not that easy!

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Richie Rich vs Tintin

Richie Rich and Tintin
Really neat hidden Easter egg in vintage Richie Rich comicbook.

Look carefully at this vintage Richie Rich comic from 1977 (Super Richie #8 March 1977). It hides a really neat Easter egg surprise. The artist, who it seems is Warren Kremer, drew a Tintin album cover on the floor of Richie Rich’s library. See if you can spot it! That is so cool for 1977 when just about nobody in America knew about Tintin. But apparently Warren Kremer did and he must have enjoyed Tintin too because he wrote the cover in French. At the time there were very few English translations available yet and he must’ve bought a French one. That is really neat for me because it bridges the gap between two of my favorite comics from when I was a kid. I loved Richie Rich and all the Harvey Comics and then when I moved to France, I loved Tintin too. So great to have found this hidden surprise. Thanks Warren Kremer!

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Richie Rich Likes Sledding Too!

Richie Rich cover
Richie Rich Cover Sled Ride
Here’s another sledding comic book cover. Even Richie Rich is getting in on the fun! I never knew how popular this kind of cover was. Just like the inside cover for ICECUBES the book Vol. 1. There are still a very few copies left of the first edition of “Noise is News” that you can buy from the ICECUBES store, click here<<

Charles ‘Sparky’ Schulz & Russel Harvey.

Charles Schulz and Russel Harvey

A few years back I had the pleasure of meeting Russel Harvey, scion of Harvey Comics, at MoCCA in New York City.(You can read about our encounter here.) Since then, we have managed to stay in touch digitally and Russel even generously wrote a blurb for the back cover of ICECUBES the book! Russel posted this photo of himself with the great Charles ‘Sparky’ Schulz and I though I would share it with my readers. In particular I wanted to show everyone how incredibly big comics were drawn back then! I draw at about half that size these days. Of course that only applies to those of us who still draw on paper! 😉