Richie Rich vs Tintin

Richie Rich and Tintin
Really neat hidden Easter egg in vintage Richie Rich comicbook.

Look carefully at this vintage Richie Rich comic from 1977 (Super Richie #8 March 1977). It hides a really neat Easter egg surprise. The artist, who it seems is Warren Kremer, drew a Tintin album cover on the floor of Richie Rich’s library. See if you can spot it! That is so cool for 1977 when just about nobody in America knew about Tintin. But apparently Warren Kremer did and he must have enjoyed Tintin too because he wrote the cover in French. At the time there were very few English translations available yet and he must’ve bought a French one. That is really neat for me because it bridges the gap between two of my favorite comics from when I was a kid. I loved Richie Rich and all the Harvey Comics and then when I moved to France, I loved Tintin too. So great to have found this hidden surprise. Thanks Warren Kremer!

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Tintin & Joe Pipo on Free Comic Book Day.

Tintin by Leroy Brown
Had a busy FCBD on Saturday. I went to Bedrock City Comics where I met Image Comics published authors Kody Chamberlain and Rob Guillory and I showed them Joe Pipo. Kody encouraged me to keep pitching to Image and other publishers. Bedrock City also said they like and support Joe Pipo, so this led me to think about perhaps crowd funding the first printing. What do you think? Would you support a Joe Pipo Kickstarter?

Also met a great fan Adrian to give him his commissioned drawing of Tintin! 🙂 If you would like to commission a drawing just email me: