Artist Edition.

ICECUBES the comic strip - book
Limited Numbered Artist Edition. Here are the numbers that I still have: 54/ 55/ 57/ 58/ 59/ 170/ 173/ 176/ 177/ 178/ 181/ 183/ 184/ 186/ 192/ 195/ 196/ 197/ 198/
Very few left, hand numbered, bagged & boarded, individually personalized. No shipping until January 1st.


Bo Lumpkin Our Friend.

Bo Lumpkin was probably ICECUBES’ biggest fan. For a couple of years now he faithfully read ICECUBES and always commented on the strips. Often his comment would be the only one the strip would get. Even during lean times when it seemed all the other readers had disappeared, I could always count on Bo. I loved Bo’s comments. They were always funny, clever and most of all supportive.

I remember one time when I felt the strip was being completely ignored and the web stats were down in the low single digits, there it was: a comment from Bo! I replied to his comment:

“Hey Bo, knew I could count on you! 🙂 I’m hearing crickets otherwise… I think the internet generation is miffed ;)”

and Bo replied this:

“Crickets might be a good idea. No one seems to be bittin’ the other bait I keep throwin’ out.”

Classic Bo!

At times I can honestly say that his comments were the only thing that kept me motivated.
So for that, I can only say: “Thanks Bo! :)”

Leroy Brown

ps: as proof of how good a friend Bo was to us webcomic artists, here’s a short list of other tributes:
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Holiday Special!

Ok dear friends, as promised here is the *fantastic holiday special* on ICECUBES the Book! From now until January 1st 2014 *free shipping* on all book purchases (USA & Canada only and just $10 overseas for up to 2 books)!!

That’s right, every book comes with free shipping so you only pay $15 for a regular copy or $20 for the numbered artist edition! I only have 19 numbered edition books left! (I’ll be glad to email you the numbers, just shoot me an email at icecubescomic(at)yahoo(dot)com.) I will sign and personalize every book, no exceptions! 🙂

Artist Numbered Edition! (they come bagged & boarded)

Additionally, with every purchase of a numbered edition I’ll include a super special limited edition copy of AtomikComix! This little zine was made for Houston Zine Fest and is the prelude for a book of my early underground comics. These were $5 each at Zine Fest and you can get one for free with your purchase of a numbered edition ICECUBES book!

Hurry and get your books, the first printing of ICECUBES the Book is just about all gone!

I just want to take this opportunity to say a big *thank you* to everyone who continues to support ICECUBES and helps to keep this strip alive! You make it all happen!

More great things to come in 2014!

Merry Christmas everyone and have a wonderful New Year 2014! 🙂

Leroy Brown


Talking Balloons and Blue Lines!

Recently I did a strip that required a lot of talking balloons in one single panel. I had to plan it out so that it could be read and understood properly and that there would be room for the characters as well. It took some fussing around and I ended up scoring the entire height of the panel with blue lines!

ICECUBES the comic strip 220 pencils
Since I don’t use a computer for lettering, once I place something I have to commit to it. In the past cartoonists would often blue line their whole strip and I’ve seen Lil Abner strips that were scored from top to bottom regardless of how much text there was! This was often done by an assistant. In my case I was surprised to get to that point where I actually had to do it for practical purposes. Pretty neat! You can see the inked panel here.

ICECUBES the comic strip 220 ink
I was pretty happy with the end result, especially in the last panel where I had to use some white paint for the snow effects!
ICECUBES the comic strip 220 panel b

You can own this strip if you’d like!
I am making it available with *free shipping* to anywhere in the US and Canada, and only $10 shipping overseas.
I will gladly sign it and personalize it for you as well!


Read the final published strip *here*.
Thanks for visiting! 🙂