Sketches for strip #0211.

These are some sketches for ICECUBES the comic strip #0211 featuring Freeze and Peckinpaw. Freeze trips while playing with his phone device and Peckinpaw makes a remark about technology.

I always make prelim sketches before committing to the original. It helps me figure out placement, body attitudes and action. In this example you can also see some of the writing process. The writing is never done until the final lettering is inked. I even make changes before publishing if something doesn’t sit right! ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s the final strip:

2012 Year In Review!

2012 was a big year for ICECUBES because of course the first ICECUBES book was printed!

“Noise Is News” is a success story from the very start, as it was entirely funded thru Kickstarter with the help of all you great fans! Thank you so much! The first printing of the book is more than two thirds sold out and fewer than 70 copies remain. Get yours soon if you haven’t yet!

In other good news: ICECUBES is now available in select comic book stores and is syndicated in a couple of newspapers! If you want to see ICECUBES in your local comic book store or paper, tell them to contact me!

Year in numbers:

  • 165,000 lifetime website visits
  • 2000 + ebooks downloaded from Amazon
  • #32,647 best rank on Amazon out of over 2,000,000 available titles (not bad!)
  • 1354 Facebook friends
  • 588 Twitter followers
  • 219 Facebook page fans
  • 100 Feed subscribers on average
  • 7 Conventions
  • 6 Podcasts
  • 4 Comic book stores
  • 2 Newspapers in syndication
  • 1 Book!

  • Of course not everything is super positive and a realistic assessment of where we are needs to include the fact that while got 165,000 visits in over 4 years, some webcomics get that in a few hours! We have improved the site considerably, thanks mostly to Phil @Frumph! But more traffic would make a big difference. One reason the traffic is not larger is in part because new strips aren’t posted often enough. Since ICECUBES is entirely funded out of my pocket and I need to find other work to pay the family bills, sometimes the strip takes a back seat. That’s too bad, but the one way to improve the update frequency is to support the strip!

    To that effect I have enabled a subscription option on the site. You can subscribe for only ยข25 a month! Yes, only a quarter a month to get every new strip directly in your inbox or RSS reader. Of course, you can still subscribe for free as well.

    This year I will be selling a lot more original art to raise funds for the strip, so buy some art! Tell a friend! Tell 10 friends about ICECUBES! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Buy a book!

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    Help ICECUBES survive and thrive in 2013! With your support we can do it!

    Thanks for reading ICECUBES!

    Leroy Brown