Striking A Pose!

Ice cubes comic strip drawings
I always sketch out difficult poses before committing them to paper. The thing you’re looking for is how to inject energy into the drawing. So imagine the characters are alive and moving around on the page. Sometimes it helps to close your eyes and picture it. Having said that, you can see that I erased plenty of times before getting it right. Don’t be afraid of using the eraser! Nobody is watching and sometimes it takes a lot of bad drawings to get a good one! 🙂

Ice cubes comic strip 224
Here’s the published comic. Note how the camera angle chopped off the legs, even though I drew them originally!

Out With The Old…

ICECUBES the comic strip - Peckinpaw the polar bear.
I thought you might enjoy a very early sketch of Peckinpaw done several years ago when I was just coming up with the look for the denizens of ICECUBES. He sure looks different nowadays! That’s the theme this year: a new look and plenty of new things to look at!

There is a lot more coming up in the next few weeks so keep on checking out your favorite cool comic! 😉

Leroy Brown