Noise is News!

  • What you need to know about the new ICECUBES book “Noise Is News”:
  • ISBN :978-0-615-65100-2
    Size: 9.5″ x 6″ landscape
    Cover: 4 color / gloss lamination / 12pt
    Inside: 102 pages / 4 color offset / 70#
    Binding: Perfect bound

    This beautifully offset printed book contains over 170 original ICECUBES comic strips in full color. It also features extra art pages for your enjoyment! This is the very first print of the very first ICECUBES book! I will gladly autograph your copy and you can also request a limited artist edition which is hand numbered from 1 to 200 and comes bagged and boarded.

  • Why it’s so special:
  • For over a year I explored every possibility of getting this book printed the right way but was never satisfied with the quality or the price; from PODs like Lulu and Kablam, to cold calling printers around the country, to asking a print broker and talking to other comickers about their print experiences. At long last, I found this most excellent printer that did the book with the quality and craftmanship that I demanded. The hardest part was getting the book printed offset. Some of you may not know what that means but when you see the bright bold colors, the black line art, and feel the pages you will know the difference! At conventions people who have never read ICECUBES before reach for it, admire it and become new fans.

  • Why you should get one quick:
  • This is the very first printed edition. There are less than 80 copies left so act quick! Once they are gone, that’s it. If there ever is a second edition it might be an ebook. Just think, first editions of Zap Comics now sell for hundreds, or more! Zap Comics originally had 5000 copies printed. ICECUBES the book has only 300! Only 200 of them are artist edition numbered copies. So this book is already rare!

    If you already read ICECUBES online you are smart, buy a book now and be even more smarter! πŸ˜‰

    Autograph made out to:

    New strips?

    Recently, I’m sure many of you have been wondering why ICECUBES the comic strip hasn’t been updating more often. After all, everyone likes new strips right? Believe it or not one major reason is the weather! It has been extremely hot down here in Texas (yes, the comic strip takes place in Alaska, but I live in Texas). I don’t have a working AC unit in my attic studio where the temperature is in the 90ΒΊs. So it’s just impossible to work in there until the weather cools off.

    The other reason is that I put a tremendous amount of time and energy into making the new ICECUBES book. I am very proud of this book! It took over a year to get it printed the right way and everyone who owns a copy knows it’s a good looking book. My focus now is on promoting the book and getting new fans to discover ICECUBES.

    In order to make that happen I have been driving hundreds of miles to conventions and meeting fans one on one to show them the book. The response has been great. Check out my convention schedule and come out and say hi! I have also been planning book signings in libraries and comic book shops. (Note: If anyone would like to organize an ICECUBES book signing, by all means get in touch with me!)

    One thing all of you wonderful readers and fans can do to help is to buy your own copy of the new ICECUBES book! More book sales mean more income and more time for me to draw more strips! πŸ™‚

    Autograph made out to:

    To all of my readers I want to say thank you! Your support means everything and keeps me going. New strips are coming I promise, just at a little slower pace for now. I hope you’ll stick with me and keep on reading ICECUBES the comic strip!


    Leroy Brown

    Hokus Pokus.

    I grew up in a small town in the south-eastern United States. I used to walk to the drug store to buy Β’25 candy bars, or get donuts at the donut shop across the street from my Grandparents’ house and then sit all day in the air-conditioned Paramount movie theater to watch showings of ‘The Blob’ looped over and over. On main street, there was this great neon sign that held an incredible fascination for me. It was a giant sign that read: “Hokus Pokus Liquor”. I wasn’t really sure about the liquor part, but I did know that hokus pokus was somehow related to magic! At night, the ghost on the sign danced from left to right and all the lights blinked in an entrancing show that really was magical!

    Years later, I drove thru my home town and the sign was still there. Unfortunately, the lights didn’t work anymore and I’m not sure if today the sign still hangs. But what a great memory of being hypnotized as a kid by the Hokus Pokus light show, as I would ride past in the back seat of my aunt’s station wagon!