Eggman is the perfect character to show off the ‘blobs’ drawing technique.
I find that the best way to give the characters more of a real feeling is to think of them as being made of blobs.

By drawing big round blobs I can work out their positions and get a sense of their place in space. It also helps to give them some weight so they don’t look like they are two dimensional or floating in the panel. Here’s a great example of drawing blobs.
Drawing blobs.

King of the Hill.

My favorite cartoon is by far King of the Hill. I just love the understated tone and the rhythm of the stories. It’s not full of slap dash one liners, sex jokes or poop humor. It’s hard to write like that and I think Mike Judge of Beavis and Butthead fame created a good cartoon.


One of Bill Dauterive’s relatives.

Everybody knows Hank Hill’s self loathing neighbor Bill Dauterive. The inside joke is that one of the original writers and executive producer’s name is Jim Dauterive. Here’s picture proof that there’s another Dauterive out there too! 🙂