Charles ‘Sparky’ Schulz & Russel Harvey.

Charles Schulz and Russel Harvey

A few years back I had the pleasure of meeting Russel Harvey, scion of Harvey Comics, at MoCCA in New York City.(You can read about our encounter here.) Since then, we have managed to stay in touch digitally and Russel even generously wrote a blurb for the back cover of ICECUBES the book! Russel posted this photo of himself with the great Charles ‘Sparky’ Schulz and I though I would share it with my readers. In particular I wanted to show everyone how incredibly big comics were drawn back then! I draw at about half that size these days. Of course that only applies to those of us who still draw on paper! 😉

New Happy Comics Page!

Happy Comics page newspaper
Take a look at the new *Happy Comics* page in the Kingwood Monthly newspaper! A real comics page in a real newspaper, woohoo! It looks great and that’s thanks to terrific cartoonists Mark Stokes of Zombie Boy Comics, Mark Wilborn of Urban Jungle, Lonnie Easterling of Spudcomics and Michael Hawkins of Jim Corn! The August issue is being put together as we speak. Good stuff! 🙂