How ICECUBES Gets Drawn.

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Here’s a quick look at how an ‘ICECUBES’ strip gets drawn.

1. Here the panel sizes have been determined and the loose ‘blocking’ sketches go in. Note that the drawings are very ‘gestural’ here, to get maximum movement and life into the drawings.
2. The text grid lines are drawn. Although I usually do this first, in this case I felt like putting the characters in place before the text because I had a good feel for what I wanted them to look like. Note: I had already done preliminary sketches before blocking out my characters.
3. The copy is written out and any spacing problems are worked out. The speech balloons are drawn and sometimes adjusted for a better read. Note: some details have been added to the drawings. For example Peckinpaw’s eyes in panel 3 have been moved up and his face is more round.
4. Now that I know where the text goes and the speech balloons fit I first do a preliminary erasing, then a redraw with bolder pencil lines. I use a 2B or 3B pencil to make the final pencil lines before I ink with a metal nib. I start my inking by doing the letters first. Note: before I ink I do another erase so that my pencil lines are very faint.

Check out the published comic here!


Good company.


In this picture ICECUBES is definitely in good company! Although the comparison is clearly unfair… for them. 🙂

I just thought it was interesting to see how the first ICECUBES book was published compared to their first books.

Lucky you, unlike those other hard to find books, ICECUBES the comic strip Vol. 1 is still available! So why don’t you get your very own copy of the first ICECUBES book? Available exclusively on the Amazon Kindle. Just go to and type ICECUBES, or simply click here. You can also download it to your iPhone and PC!

Great news, the second book ICECUBES the comic strip Vol. 2 is coming out soon!

Dirty Job?


It’s a messy job, but somebody’s got to do it! In this photo you can see some of the pitfalls of dealing with real ink and unruly metal nibs while trying desperately to meet deadline! Big splotches and smears, nothing like it to make you just want to run for the woods!

Fortunately some easy Photoshoping was able to save the day… 🙂

Click here for the published comic.