Joe Pipo Contest!

Hi cool ICECUBES friends! As you know I have been working secretly on my new comic project called Joe Pipo (check out the Facebook page here.)

Joe Pipo Cover

Well, I finished the ashcan pitch that I am sending out to prospective publishers. Keep your fingers crossed!

Joe Pipo is a great comic adventure that takes place in a retro futuristic 1980s New York City! To celebrate I will be giving away 5 copies of the ultra rare Joe Pipo ashcan! Here’s how to enter:

  • 2/ Share the page on your timeline (under the ‘More’ tab)
  • 3/ Joe Pipo was originally featured in a New York underground newspaper. Which one? Message me the answer on Facebook
    (please do not post it in the comments!)

Ok, that’s it. Please follow the rules! Keep your eyes out for another ICECUBES contest coming next week! Thanks for being such cool fans! 😀

Drawing Joe Pipo.

ICECUBES drawing table / Joe Pipo
Hi folks, lately I’ve been concentrating on my graphic novel called “The Adventures of Joe Pipo in New York.” It’s a completely different format from ICECUBES and the drawing style is a lot more detail oriented. I enjoy the challenge but it takes time! I am hoping to submit the project to publishers real soon, keep your fingers crossed.
You can like & follow Joe Pipo on Facebook here: –>