Percy The Flying Chicken by Peckinpaw

Percy The Flying Chicken
Percy The Flying Chicken by Peckinpaw
So he did it. Peckinpaw really did it. He finally created his own comic strip called Percy The Flying Chicken. What do you guys think? Do you think Peckinpaw has a future as a cartoonist? Leave him a comment. (Psst, he really needs to be encouraged, he is very shy!) Stay tuned and perhaps Peckinpaw will surprise us with even more comics. Please click on the ads.
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Richie Rich Likes Sledding Too!

Richie Rich cover
Richie Rich Cover Sled Ride
Here’s another sledding comic book cover. Even Richie Rich is getting in on the fun! I never knew how popular this kind of cover was. Just like the inside cover for ICECUBES the book Vol. 1. There are still a very few copies left of the first edition of “Noise is News” that you can buy from the ICECUBES store, click here<<