Funny Inky Animal

Funny Animal
Funny Animal by Leroy Brown ~ created while inking ICECUBES

Check out this goofy guy that popped up while I was inking the latest ICECUBES comic strip. I was just practicing before jumping onto the strip and this guy showed up. You can see I also practiced my lettering. ICECUBES is all hand-drawn, including he lettering (which is the hardest part!) Thanks for reading ICECUBES the comic strip and remember to click on the ads, it really helps!

Drawing Joe Pipo.

ICECUBES drawing table / Joe Pipo Hi folks, lately I’ve been concentrating on my graphic novel called “The Adventures of Joe Pipo in New York.” It’s a completely different format from ICECUBES and the drawing style is a lot more detail oriented. I enjoy the challenge but it takes time! I am hoping to submit the project to publishers real soon, keep your fingers crossed. You can like & follow Joe Pipo on Facebook here: –>