The Making of ICECUBES the comic strip #338.

ICECUBES the comic strip #338 - sketches
ICECUBES the comic strip #338 – sketches

So I thought it would be neat to show the humble beginnings of a new strip. You never know where an idea might come from, so it’s best to jot anything down that comes to mind. In this case, I just had a notepad handy and sketched this down while I was at work. It eventually became strip #338 where Peckinpaw is dressed up in a Motion Capture suit for Freeze’s film! As a bonus to ICECUBES fans , I am making the original art for the strip available to purchase for $50, autographed and personalized. Just click here to go to the ICECUBES store.

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The New ICECUBES Website.

Tarzan Tip Top Comics Cover

Designing a new website is a struggle. I feel like Tarzan in this Tip Top Comics cover, fighting with the giant crocodile. I hope you will really enjoy the new layout and especially how good it will look on your smart phones!

We’ve instituted a new Subscriber Members Only Space! For only $1 a month you get all the great classic ICECUBES strips and behind the scenes blog posts, including special bonus prizes and early notifications of contests, plus so much more. I am hoping this space will become a real fun area where we can share what we love about ICECUBES! You can try for free for one week just by clicking here:

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