The Second Contest Question Is:

  • Question #2
  • Recently in ICECUBES the comic strip, one of the characters quoted a famous American Literature book. What is the title of that book and which strip did the quote appear in?

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    Please read the complete rules before participating. Thanks and good luck!

    15 Years of ICECUBES Contest 2023!

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    Ok, cool ICECUBES fans, here it is: the brand new 15 Years of ICECUBES Contest!

    To celebrate 15 years of ICECUBES being online, I’m giving away a bunch of cool ICECUBES prizes!

    For a chance to win, all you have to do is answer 3 easy questions about ICECUBES the comic strip. This will be EASY for anyone who has been following the strip. It’s also a great way for me to discover who are ICECUBES biggest fans.

    The rules are simple:

  • 1/ Answer 3 questions about ICECUBES.
  • 2/ Email your answers to before September 30, 2023 at midnight CST.
  • 3/ Standby to see if you are a winner!
    • There are 3 grand prizes.
  • 1st Prize: An original commissioned drawing by Leroy Brown on 9×12″ Bristol Vellum of anything you choose. (Hopefully ICECUBES characters!)
  • 2nd Prize: Original ICECUBES comic strip art signed and personalized by Leroy Brown.
  • 3rd Prize: A free one year subscription to ICECUBES the comic strips Member’s Only where you get to read all the Classic ICECUBES strips and private blog posts!

    All winners will receive a free download of ICECUBES Vol.2 “The i’s Have It” book as a readable .pdf file! This book is already out of print and a collectible. I just saw a copy of it on Ebay for $14!!


    Stay tuned as we reveal the questions starting Monday, September 16 right here in the

    Official Rules (please read): The contest ends on September 30, 2023 at midnight CST. Winners will be announced on Friday, October 6, 2023 directly on the ICECUBES website. All winners will be notified prior to Friday, October 6 by email. Answers MUST be submitted by email only, please do not post them in the comments. If there is a tie between contestants, names will be drawn out of a hat. The winner of the 1st Prize will be asked to describe the art they want to commission and it must be comic strip art, preferably ICECUBES related. The downloadable .pdf of ICECUBES Vol. 2 “The i’s Have It” will be available for download via a link sent to the winners. The link will be available for a short period only. Please do not share the link. “The i’s Have It” is a copyrighted comic book that is registered with the US Copyright Office and distribution electronically or otherwise is prohibited. You accept that your email address will be added to the ICECUBES email list and you may receive promotional emails from time to time. You can opt out at any time. No cash money prizes are given or mentioned. All rights in the characters, stories, characterizations, drawings, animations, strips, books and any derivative merchandise remains copyright and trademark property of Leroy Brown and estates. September 19, 2023.

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