Contest Extension!

  • Congrats to our First Place Winner Luc, who wins an original Cartoon Commission drawn by Leroy Brown!
  • Congrats to our Second Place Winner Marela, who wins the original comic strip art for ICECUBES strip #325!
  • The Third Place Prize of a free one year subscription to the ICECUBES Member’s Only Area has not yet been claimed. So, to make sure we get a winner, I am extending the contest for one more week. To enter, all you need to do is tell us who is your favorite ICECUBES character and why. Leave the answer in the comments below and we’ll pick a Third Place Winner. Remember, every winner also gets a free download of ICECUBES Vol. 2 “The i’s Have It” in digital format. So leave a comment and good luck!

  • The Second Contest Question Is:

  • Question #2
  • Recently in ICECUBES the comic strip, one of the characters quoted a famous American Literature book. What is the title of that book and which strip did the quote appear in?

    Remember: send your answers via email only to
    Do not answer in the comments!

    Please read the complete rules before participating. Thanks and good luck!