Moon Pie Dreams.

Moon Pie
As a kid I always loved Moon Pies. They’re sort of like magical ice cream sandwiches that can survive outside a refrigerator, with several delicious layers of frosting, cookie and marshmallow. These days I find myself craving them as a midnite snack when I’m hard at work on ICECUBES. Fortunately, my local Walmart stocks them including my favorite, the original banana flavor!

One day I started wondering what it would be like to work at a Moon Pie factory. Do the people that make Moon Pies for a living ever stop to think: ‘Why am I doing this? What’s the point of making Moon Pies?’ All the machinery, the cooks, the packaging, the delivery trucks, etc. Sometimes, I wonder myself: ‘What’s the point of making comics?’. I’m not helping to solve the world’s problems or inventing new cures for disease, I’m just drawing a simple little comic.

And then it dawned on me, that if a Moon Pie can bring me a small amount of comfort and happiness at midnite when I’m sweating over my drawing table, then perhaps, somewhere, somehow, ICECUBES can bring a little smile to someone too. That would really make it all worthwhile.

So if I worked at a Moon Pie factory, I would tell myself that while I may not be helping to cure cancer, my work still had some meaning because somewhere, someone is enjoying a delicious midnite snack. 🙂