Happy New Year 2023!

Eggman scratch
Eggman and I certainly hope this year will bring more ICECUBES comic strips. If only we could find a way to make ICECUBES pay for itself. Oh, I know: please click on the ads. Every click counts!
If every visitor just clicked one ad, ICECUBES would off and running. Freeze has been yelling in my ear that he wants a new ICECUBES Book to come out. I keep telling him that we still have a few copies of Vol. 1 “Noise Is News” available. It’s a beautiful offset printed book with over 100 pages in full color and because it was the very first print of the very first ICECUBES book it’s a collectible too. *Just click here to get it for only $10!


We all wish you a Happy New Year and want to say a big thanks for being cool ICECUBES fans!