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ICECUBES the comic strip is a newspaper style comic strip. ICECUBES is entirely drawn by hand in the classical vein of 20th century newspaper strips. The inking is done with nibs and brushes and India ink on paper.

ICECUBES features an ensemble of Arctic characters unwittingly engaged in cultural commentary from their perch atop the world. Peckinpaw the polar bear, Freeze the penguin, Eggman the walrus and Nooky the Innupiaq Eskimo share a sense of warmth despite the frosty environs.

Although ICECUBES has been compared to Pogo, I feel the comparison is a bit unfair, especially to Walt Kelly. It couldn’t possibly be compared to Peanuts, as Charles Schulz was a comic strip giant who drew almost 18,000 strips! So ICECUBES will have to make a name for itself and define it’s very own genre, a tall order without a doubt!

ICECUBES the comic strip character sheet
ICECUBES the comic strip character sheet

I am a huge comics afficionado, with a great deal of respect for the heritage and history of comics and cartoons. Like Jazz and Vaudeville, this uniquely American art form gave us greats the likes of Willy De Beck, Geo. Herriman, Willard, Dirks, Segar, Caniff, Hal Forrest, even Outcault and McKay to say nothing of Bob Kane, Jack Kirby, Joe Kubert, Frank Miller et al.

With all this in mind, ICECUBES is more of a way for me to dream about all sorts of things. So perhaps it may help to think of ICECUBES as some sort of small daydream that I admittedly indulge in all too often.

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