Happy Easter!

Easter is my favorite season. The flowers are popping out, the trees are getting green again, all the little critters are about…
ICECUBES the comic strip Easter
Unfortunately, this year it also coincides with tax season, which is a major drag. 🙁 That’s why even though there is a new half-finished ICECUBES strip on my drawing table, begging to be inked, it’s just not going to happen right away. You see, I have only managed to make $103 from ICECUBES so far this year and while you may say that’s still something, it’s really only the result of 2 years of Google ads on the website. As you may have noticed, the ads are now gone and that’s a good thing, they were slowing down the site and often had nothing to do with comics. So, for me to continue to make ICECUBES in a timely manner and be able to pay my taxes as well, I need to find revenue.


One method is a by publishing new book and one is coming real soon, so stay on the lookout! Another method is Patreon. I discovered Patreon through many other artists that use it. It works like this: you decide an amount you are willing to pay as a monthly subscription to ICECUBES, in return you get special bonus rewards reserved for subscribers only. This way you are supporting the strip and becoming part of a special club of subscribers and supporters. You can subscribe for as little as $1 a month and cancel at any time.

I hope this works out as a good way to support the strip. In the meantime I wish you a beautiful Easter!

Thank you so much for being an ICECUBES fan!

Leroy Brown