The Books Have Shipped!

Hi folks! All the books have shipped! Thanks to 48 amazing backers, the book was funded and shipped in less than a month!

new ICECUBES comic book
Every ICECUBES backer got a copy of “THE i’S HAVE IT!” and a hand drawn sketch card. The 48 cards make up a complete set of “Pinochle” playing cards and everyone has a different card.

ICECUBES playing cards
We also printed an original ICECUBES poster that features over 100 drawings of Peckinpaw, Freeze, Eggman and Nooky!

ICECUBES the comic strip poster
All that is left is for me to thank you so very much for successfully backing two original ICECUBES books and showing so much incredible support for this com strip. Thank you!

Leroy Brown

Stacked Deck!

Hey folks! Over the weekend I announced that everyone who pledged for the new ICECUBES book on Kickstarter will get an original hand drawn sketch card, regardless of their pledge level. Since 48 ICECUBES friends pledged that means I will be drawing 48 cards and that’s where the fun begins!
ICECUBES book fulfillment

Recently, for my birthday my wife gave me a special ‘Pinocle’ 48 card deck as a way to remember this classic ICECUBES comic strip:
ICECUBESclick for larger view

Well, it struck me that since I am going to draw 48 sketch cards and my new ‘Pinocle’ deck has 48 cards, I am going to make an ICECUBES 48 card ‘Pinocle’ deck! 😀
ICECUBES pinocle card deck

Every fan who pledged on Kickstarter will get an original card from the deck! Just think, you can compare cards and maybe even trade them. Maybe one day I’ll get the deck printed too!

Just another way for me to say thanks for all your great support!

Leroy Brown

Books Bonanza!

ICECUBES new book fulfillment

All the supplies have finally arrived! The new books, the posters and the sketch cards are all here. That means that the packages can start going out in the mail right away!

I’ve decided that since everyone was so supportive and instrumental in getting this book funded that I will make a sketch card for each and every backer – all 48 of you! I promise to draw the sketch cards as speedily and ‘cool’ as I can.

Thank you all so much for making this such a great success! 🙂

Leroy Brown

Thank you!

Wow, what an incredible week we have just had!

Thanks to an amazing effort from ICECUBES fans who pledged and got the word out, thanks to family and friends who backed us once again and thanks to all the new fans who ordered their very first ICECUBES comic book – just when it seemed “THE i’S HAVE IT!” was not going to get funded, the tide changed and lo and behold: we made it!
ICECUBES fans thank you
“THE i’S HAVE IT!” will now be printed along with the brand new ICECUBES poster! Everything should be hitting the mail within two weeks as all the pre-production work has already been done.

I had faith in this book and went ahead and finished it before going to kickstarter to raise funds. I felt the need to complete the work first so as not to make you wait months before getting your book. I am very happy the excitement of this come-from-behind miracle will still be fresh in everyone’s mind when you get your brand new copy of “THE i’S HAVE IT!”

Thank you so much for being great fans and supporting ICECUBES!