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Drawing ICECUBES: the Trailer! from Leroy Brown on Vimeo.

Hey fans, here’s a sneak peak at the upcoming podcast of Leroy Brown drawing ICECUBES! The movie shows the birth of an original ICECUBES strip from A to Z. Leroy Brown shares all kinds of tips and tricks and displays his techniques for putting together ICECUBES the comic strip!

Leroy Brown Zine Fest Interview!

Listen to the Zine Fest Interview by Lindsey Simard. Leroy Brown talks about ICECUBES the comic strip, the new book and Zine Fest.
Length: 7mins.

Watch the Kickstarter video for ICECUBES the Book!

ICECUBES live on TV-30! from Leroy Brown on Vimeo.

‘ICECUBES the comic strip’ creator Leroy Brown appears on live television! Watch him draw the ICECUBES characters and talk about making the comic strip! Hosted by Adam Bierman on Princeton’s TV-30.

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