ICECUBES the comic strip #359 - mobile
ICECUBES the comic strip #359 – mobile

ICECUBES the comic strip #359
ICECUBES the comic strip #359

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ICECUBES the comic strip #359

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This Week’s Rejected Strip.

ICECUBES - reject
ICECUBES – reject
Dear friends, This almost never happens! I completed a new ICECUBES strip that I was going to publish this week but after taking a good look at it, I decided it wasn’t good enough for print… I just felt it was lackluster and it would be better to wait until next week for a better strip. So this week’s strip ended up in the dust bin. You can see, I actually tore it up. I know I can do better and you definitely deserve the best. So, please be patient and let’s look forward to a great new ICECUBES strip next week! Thanks for being such ‘cool’ ICECUBES fans!
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