Speaking of technology, did you know that you can navigate through all the past ICECUBES comic strips on the website by simply using your arrow keys? Try it! Just tap the back arrow and watch last week’s comic pop right up! If you think that’s amazing, you’re right and it’s all in large part thanks to a guy named Philip Hofer, otherwise known as Frumph.

Back in the day when I decided to put ICECUBES online, I had no idea how to design a website. So I did my best to cobble together a botchy WordPress site. Little by little, through intensive research I finally came across ComicPress. ComicPress was a way to publish comics that could be read online in an intuitive, user friendly way. Setting it up wasn’t easy especially since I wanted to customize my page. That’s when I reached out to Comicpress’s creator Frumph. Lo and behold he didn’t hesitate to teach me all kinds of things about php, css and sundry variables that would allow ICECUBES to end up looking the way it does today. Over the months and years Frumph was always there to help with coding. Recently he helped me with a new comics project I am about to launch.

So I decided to thank him in this post and point out that he now has a Patreon account where you too can get help with your comic site.