Thomas Baer is our Special Prize winner! He wins a Limited Numbered Artist Edition of ICECUBES the comic book! Congratulations!

Monday’s contest was so successful and exciting, that I’ve decided to extend it and add a special prize! Folks, this one is a little bit harder and that’s because the special prize is a limited numbered Artist Edition of ICECUBES the book! There are very few left of the original 200 numbered artist edition copies and you can win one!

So to recap, we are celebrating the wonderful contribution of Belgian artists to the world of comics. Many world famous cartoon and comics characters have come from Belgium. Now that you know the answers to the first 3 questions (read Monday’s post here) try to answer these tricky ones:
ICECUBES the comic strip

  • These 2 famous Belgian comics characters headlined their very own popular comics magazines. What are the names of these magazines in Flemish?

ICECUBES the comic strip

  • These famous cartoon characters were all created by a group of artists who created a distinct style of Belgian comics. This style, or ‘school’ is named after which town in Belgium?

The first one who answers both questions correctly in the comments section below, wins the limited edtion ICECUBES the comic book! Good luck! 🙂

Leroy Brown