Congratulations to the winners!

  • 1st Prize: Eddy Obomsawin
  • 2nd Prize: Michael Pohrer
  • 3rd Prize Louis J Gore
  • Great job! Check tomorrow’s update for a chance to win the special prize!

    Bonjour comic fans! Last week a cool thing happened at ICECUBES. The website got a bunch of visitors from Belgium! Belgium came in third place for most visits by country. That title is usually reserved for the UK or Australia, as ICECUBES is an English speaking comic. Belgium beat them this week! You may know that Belgium is the birthplace of the European School of Comics. Started just before WWII, the school flourished in the post-war period with many international comic stars.
    ICECUBES the comic strip

    To celebrate this, I’ve decided to start a week-long contest to see who knows their Belgian comics! So here goes: be the first person to answer the challenge (one prize per person please!)

    • Third Prize: Won by Louis J.! A cool ICECUBES sticker! Question: Name all the comics shown in this picture.

    • Second Prize: Won by Michael Pohrer!An original signed ICECUBES drawing by Leroy Brown! Question: Name the original authors of every comic.

    • First Prize: Won by Eddy Obomsawin! A signed copy of ICECUBES the book! Question: Name all the characters (including animals) in French. (For the little blue guys, the group name is fine)

    I will give out a bonus prize of an ICECUBES sticker to anyone who logs in from Belgium and names the characters in Flemish!

    Put your answers in the comments sections below. May the games begin! 🙂