Bo Lumpkin was probably ICECUBES’ biggest fan. For a couple of years now he faithfully read ICECUBES and always commented on the strips. Often his comment would be the only one the strip would get. Even during lean times when it seemed all the other readers had disappeared, I could always count on Bo. I loved Bo’s comments. They were always funny, clever and most of all supportive.

I remember one time when I felt the strip was being completely ignored and the web stats were down in the low single digits, there it was: a comment from Bo! I replied to his comment:

“Hey Bo, knew I could count on you! 🙂 I’m hearing crickets otherwise… I think the internet generation is miffed ;)”

and Bo replied this:

“Crickets might be a good idea. No one seems to be bittin’ the other bait I keep throwin’ out.”

Classic Bo!

At times I can honestly say that his comments were the only thing that kept me motivated.
So for that, I can only say: “Thanks Bo! :)”

Leroy Brown

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